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Jerry Smith
Co-Founder of SmithStocks
Welcome to Gifpublishr! You’re going to love how easy it is to find, create & share viral GIFs across your networks … and enjoy all the traffic they bring to your offers.

Our beta testers agree this is an incredibly powerful traffic generator. When we asked what would make it even better, the biggest request was for ways to optimize conversions … specifically:
- to test different offer links, quickly determine the winners, and scale campaigns on the fly
- to build custom audiences in order to DRASTICALLY increase conversions with targeted campaigns
Geographic targeting
- send people to different inks depending on a visitors geographic location
Detailed tracking stats
- to know how many clicks each link gets, and where those clicks are coming from
Password protection (list building powerhouse)
- turn your campaigns into listing building machines by password protecting the redirect and having them optin to get the password
Well we know just how much viral traffic Gifpublishr can bring to the table.

To maximize results you’ll want to convert as much of that traffic as possible…

So we spent months developing a 4-in-1 conversion tool that works PERFECTLY with Gifpublishr to make every campaign count.

Sky High Conversions. Effortless Scaling.
Traffic may be the fuel that drives the internet.

But CONVERSIONS are the spark that turn traffic into leads, customers & sales.

Now you can have both.

The social media traffic you get with Gifpublishr is great. The trick to driving the highest profits is finding the best-converting offers for your audience. That’s why we’ve put advanced split-testing functionality right inside Giftracker.

In-Built Split Testing
Select this option to add more URLs to your campaigns.

Gifpublishr will AUTOMATICALLY evenly distribute your traffic to each link …

QUICKLY see which offers convert best in real time Scaling just got REALLY easy. But it gets even better… 
Combine this split-testing feature with the “auto-campaign” option in Gifpublishr…  And you’ve got a set & forget solution that tells you EXACTLY how to optimize each campaign.
Retargeting Done Right
Retargeting is one of the most effective marketing tools going … increasing conversions up to 70%.

Now you can EFFORTLESSLY build custom audiences from your Gifpublishr traffic … and retarget those users to maximize conversions.

Face it: while some visitors ‘buy now’, others need a nudge before they convert. Giftrackr captures EACH click and drops your retargeting pixel… so you create custom audiences in the background. Follow up with low-cost, high ROI retargeting ads to get the most out of your traffic. Compatible with FB or any other retargeting code.
Link Tracking & Detailed Stats
Marketing is a numbers game, so play to win. 
Giftrackr gives you the vital stats showing how your campaigns are performing, and what YOUR audiences respond to.

See total unique clicks as well as geographic details & other key metrics.
Now you’ll KNOW what your audience loves … so you can customize your campaigns to give them more of what they want. Win. Win. Ka-ching. 
Maximize Scarcity Conversions & Protect Your Web Assets
Sometimes you may want to send visitors to a secure URL like a membership site or protected content.

Giftrackr lets you include a password gateway visitors must unlock.
So you’re keeping your paid web assets secure …AND boosting scarcity conversions. Because we all know people get really curious about content they can’t see.

Build buzz & generate even more demand for your premium content with built-in password protection.
Our powerful cloud based platform is perfect for Gifpublishr and ANY other tracking campaign you need
Simple "Log in anywhere" cloud system
Easy to use dashboard for all your tracking campaigns
Create links that send people to different targets depending on their location
Integrated stats system gives you maximum insight into your traffic
DFY Scaling Doesn’t Get Easier Than This
GifTracker Makes It Simple
nothing to install or update, access from any device
URL Masking
choose a short URL, even custom text, for trackable links that work across social networks
Unlimited Campaigns
send as much traffic to as many campaigns as you want - no caps or restrictions
100% Mobile Responsive
works perfectly across all mobile devices & desktops
In Just A Few Steps
You Can Setup A Well-Optimized High-Level Tracking Promotional Campaign
Step 1: create your campaign
Step 2: set up split testing
Step 3: add your retargeting and trackin code
Step 4: optionally password protect or publish and make your campaign live
Full Demo Overview Of Giftrackr
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