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No Leads = No Growth 
It does not have to be this hard
Whether you are new or established online, having a captive audience that listens to you is the bread and butter of your business. 

The problem is, the old ways to grow your audience are no longer working. 
  • Are you struggling with getting people to follow you on social media? 
  • Is your lead magnet no longer effective for growing your list?
  • Are your sales lower than before, because your list dwindled? 
The truth is these are common problems affecting most small businesses online. 
So what options are you left with? 
If you don't already have a solid list building strategy that gets you new leads in daily, there are not that many options available to you. 
You could try to buy leads directly from a lead reseller, but as we both know this is generally highly ineffective... because what matters is not the number of emails of followers, but the relationship you have with them.  
Or maybe you could run some advertisment to an optin page (or to your social media profile)... the only issue is that ads can quickly become costly, and you risk blowing up your precious marketing budget. 
If all the above failed, you are pretty much stuck with sticking with the old methods you have used in the past, and we both know how these turned out... As Einstein said, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. 
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There is a better, faster and easier way
You know what strategy gets you on average 200% increase in followers and 120% in engagement (based on thousands of data points)? Viral contests. 

The problem is, viral contests software are so effective that product owners charge ridiculous amounts to customers like you.

Take for instance, which will set you back over $1200/year just to run a few viral contests. 

Or some may have this or that feature but they're missing the full set of tools you really need. 
The Ultimate Viral Markeeting Software
When we saw how many people were literally excluded from this kind of "viral" technology, we decided to give it a shot and build our own viral machine generator... 
  • Create viral giveaways to grow your list or Twitter/Youtube/Facebook following so that you can have a bigger audience to reach
  • Offer coupon codes in exchange for an email / follow, perfect to incentivize your customer base or if you work with local business clients (Adpow comes with free developers rights)
  • Lock away your best content behind a locker, requiring your audience to perform a specific action before having access to it (also works for locking away WIFI codes for instance)
  • Create polls, surveys, and a lot more - various ways to grow your list and engage your audience
Best of all, you can manage all these viral campaigns from a simple online dashboard which you can access anywhere, from your laptop / desktop or your mobile. 
Here's How to Start your first campaign in 4 easy steps
1. Create custom giveways, viral contests, sweepstakes, polls and more
One click 3d preview . Easy background remover . Access your own fonts. Pretty background library, some lorem ipsum text to make it. No useless stuff.
2. Share a simple link 
Reach your audience across your key social channels, blog or your website
3. Increase engagement and virality
One click 3d preview . Easy background remover . Access your own fonts. Pretty background library, some lorem ipsum text to make it. No useless stuff.
4. Collect Emails And Customer Dats
Collect valuable data to better understand your audience
Meet our adpowered growth tools
Custom contests
Create custom contests to capture leads and data.
Create a competition to get people talking about your brand on social media.
Content Locker
Use the content locker to allow exclusive access to your content of choice.
Endless Opportunities
Adpow allows you to create any kind of viral systems thanks to its amazing flexibilty
Our Adpow clients saw an average increase of 200% in their followers and 120% in engagement.
SPACEFADERS grew their list by 4438 emails with one Adpow campaign where they gave studio equipment for musicians.
"Adpow allowed us to centralize information while offering a qualitative and modern platform to our customers, who often find themselves tired of all too familiar Facebook publications requiring likes, shares, etc. Adpow is very effective allowing us to double our fan base in the space of a week"
SHONDURAS grew his Youtube by 1813 followers with one campaign. 
"It was WAY more engaging than just telling people to comment, and I saw a huge rise in the selected call to action. Great platform, thanks!"
Youtuber ERO won 4,200 new fans with one single Adpow campaign where he gave away V-Bucks for Fortnite Gamers.
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  • Poll, survey, vote, email+
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  • Multi user
  • Analytics
  • Targeting
  • Vanity URL
  • Multi profile
Our Adpow clients saw an average increase of 200% in their followers and 120% in engagement. Start growing your social media today.
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